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Swords Red Oak 41 inches

Long swords with Jungshin Logo

Sword and Bag Combo

Long swords with Jungshin Logo

Complete Warrior Pack

Free Shipping in USA
2 long swords, 2 short, bags for both, Dvd's, free on-line membership, shirt!


Long swords with Jungshin Logo

Short Swords + DVD's

Please note, short swords may be used in place of the long swords for practice with these DVD’s. Our consumer Short Sword DVD is coming out in 2017. If you order the short swords send us an email at, info@jungshinfitness and we will send you some fun short sword clips to practice to.

Sword Bags(Blue with Logo)

Jungshin Bags
Clothing shipped in US only. If you are interested in Jungshin clothing and live outside the united states, please send us an email, or purchase the warrior pack on the shopify link above.

Men's Shirts Cotton Black with Jungshin Logo

Men's Shirts

Women's Shirts Cotton Black with Logo

Women's Shirts

Women's Bra's Cotton Black with Logo

Women's Shirts

Jungshin Hoodie's

Jungshin Hoodie
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