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Neuroscience has recently established the value of novel and complex movement for the brain. There is now no doubt that the lifelong practice of varied movement in the face of the risks inherent in a western sedentary lifestyle helps us fend off ill health and abnormal aging. Jungshin offers both novel and increasingly complex movement, as well as the benefits of aerobics, socializing, and competitive mindset, all of which have been likewise shown to benefit both body and brain.

Annika Kahn’s innovation is spreading globally, both because it is different to anything else out there, but also to the point of being entirely unique, providing the experience of both movement-fitness, but also the engagement of a fun and idiosyncratic martial art. Movement and thought are vitally connected, and so the enrichment offered by Jungshin is clear to it’s practitioners, and an exciting addition to the fitness world.
By: Roy Sugarman PhD
MA Clin Psych PhD C.Psychol MAPS AFBPsS | Level 7 Psychology
My core is stronger, my stomach is flatter, and my arms are stronger. I’ve learned how to breathe better and how to recover when I’m out of breath.
By: Tanya
Kickboxer, age 29
I need this every day. The internal and emotional benefits have changed my life and are why I keep coming back.
By: Tim
age 55
Annika’s training helped improve my triathlon performance. The cross training increased my endurance and strength; but, more importantly, it helped me learn breath control to make maintain power in long distance running, swimming, and biking. I am able to recover faster and maintain strength and focus throughout the race.
By: Shanna
age 27
One of the great things about working with Annika, is that you are never bored. You are learning something new every week so your body never gets stuck in a rut, and it is always fun! Plus, it’s nice to be able to wail on a bag or target after a stressful day of work!
By: Kari
age 27

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