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Annika Kahn will kick your butt in a way that empowers rather than weakens you afterward.
By: Kevin
age 34
I enjoy the philosophy and spirituality incorporated into the class. I love how I am able to physically feel the fire building inside of me and the power it creates in my body. It also helps me to feel both grounded and refreshed at the end of each class. It helps with my joints, which are always in pain from years of dancing. I’ve also noticed that I take more risks in class when Annika says that only our minds are holding back our bodies.
By: Chantal
age 30
Dear Annika, I just returned from a Jungshin Fitness class at The Energy Lab in Redlands, CA. Jill Rooks was on fire tonight and as always, at some point in class I found myself with a big ol' grin on my face. Thank you so much for creating this magical program!

My first introduction to Jungshin Fitness was in September 2013 when I joined the intro session you offered before the instructor-training program at The Energy Lab in Redlands, CA. Before we started I was pretty certain that I would not be able to complete the training because of my left shoulder. This shoulder is pretty much "toast" (in technical terms). In 2002 flying downhill on a mountain bike trail on Mammoth Mtn. I missed a jump and flew over the handlebars of my bike with my elbow, shoulder and left hip-taking most of the impact on a huge boulder (the boulder definitely won!). After my second shoulder surgery in the mid 2000's, my orthopedic surgeon admitted that my supraspinatus tendon looked a lot like an old volleyball net left in the sun too long. Since that time I have been severely limited in terms of anything requiring motion over my head on the left side. After the weekend of 16 hours of Jungshin instructor training in 2013 I was really tired and also realized later Sunday night that my shoulder didn't hurt; after a whole weekend of using it! Since then I have taken every Jungshin Fitness class that Jill offers at The Energy Lab and slice it up on my own as often as I can. I take two swords with me on almost every trip and either slice it up to your Jungshin Flow video or introduce friends new and old to Jungshin Fitness. Recently at the Energy Psychology Conference in Az. I introduced a new friend to the practice. Like almost everyone with whom I share Jungshin Fitness, she loved it! At 63, for this life long exercise junkie who's first knee surgery was at 19 (who knew that would be the cause of so many later knee and back problems), it is an understatement to say that I have had some chronic pain and flexibility issues. I've had a total knee replacement and have 3 fused lumbar disks, both of which limit flexibility; my "Lizard" isn't perfect but it is improving! I suspect that had Jungshin Fitness existed 30 years ago I might have avoided a few surgeries and lots of scar tissue. The most amazing piece continues to be that not only does Jungshin Fitness NOT irritate my shoulder but also it has strengthened the joint and totally changed the shape of my upper body and core. Thanks for your creative genius! Warmly, Cindy

By: Client
After Annika’s class I am higher than a kite. I did finger push-ups. I’ve never done finger push-ups before! It was awesome.
By: Allie
age 30
Finally someone has put together a total body work out that involves the mind, body, and spirit! I love how you focus on what this workout can do for your mind taking the focus off what we all want… “the Look” because if you can train your mind than looks don’t matter! I live in Philly and I am a certified personal trainer through NASM. There is nothing like this here on the east coast… and trust me we need something like this! Zumba has taken over, and I want no part of it! I am very interested in becoming a Jungshin instructor in the future… I guess I should put in for a West Coast vacation soon… Cheers,
By: Sabrina Orlando

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